Terms and Conditions

1. Free Use: You can use ChatGPT, along with other AI models for chat or image generation, completely free and without limitations or counters. However, for some other models, you may need to pay a certain amount to access them per month.

2. Attribution: It is appreciated that proper attribution be given when using the API, mentioning the creator whenever possible. However, it is not mandatory. Attribution can be done in the documentation or in the user interface of your application.

3. Limited Liability: The creator is not responsible for any misuse or consequences arising from the use of the API. It is recommended to conduct thorough testing before implementing it in production environments. Also, note that the API is provided "as is" without explicit warranties.

4. API Modifications: The creator reserves the right to modify or terminate the API at any time. Any significant changes will be notified to users. Updates may include improvements, new features, or bug fixes. The goal is to enhance the quality and functionality of the API.

5. Service Continuity: The creator strives to keep the API updated and functional but does not guarantee uninterrupted continuity. Efforts will be made to minimize downtime and resolve any issues as soon as possible. Users will be notified in advance of scheduled maintenance whenever possible.

6. Collaboration: Collaboration and user feedback to improve the API are encouraged. Users can submit suggestions and report issues through the provided contact channels. Contributions to API improvement are welcome and will be acknowledged as much as possible.

7. Usage Restrictions: The API must not be used for illegal activities or activities that infringe upon the rights of third parties. The creator reserves the right to suspend access to users who violate these restrictions. Additionally, certain specific uses may require prior authorization.

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